Base Object Storage Interface

class pyomo.core.kernel.base.ICategorizedObject[source]

Bases: Mixin

Interface for objects that maintain a weak reference to a parent storage object and have a category type.

This class is abstract. It assumes any derived class declares the attributes below with or without slots:


Stores the object’s category type, which should be some class derived from ICategorizedObject. This attribute may be declared at the class level.


Stores a weak reference to the object’s parent container or None.


Stores key this object can be accessed with through its parent container.


Stores the active status of this object.




Activate this object.

property active

The active status of this object.


Returns a copy of this object with the parent pointer set to None.

A clone is almost equivalent to deepcopy except that any categorized objects encountered that are not descendents of this object will reference the same object on the clone.

property ctype

The object’s category type.


Deactivate this object.

getname(fully_qualified=False, name_buffer={}, convert=<class 'str'>, relative_to=None)[source]

Dynamically generates a name for this object.

  • fully_qualified (bool) – Generate a full name by iterating through all anscestor containers. Default is False.

  • convert (function) – A function that converts a storage key into a string representation. Default is the built-in function str.

  • relative_to (object) – When generating a fully qualified name, generate the name relative to this block.


If a parent exists, this method returns a string representing the name of the object in the context of its parent; otherwise (if no parent exists), this method returns None.

property local_name

The object’s local name within the context of its parent. Alias for obj.getname(fully_qualified=False).

property name

The object’s fully qualified name. Alias for obj.getname(fully_qualified=True).

property parent

The object’s parent (possibly None).

property storage_key

The object’s storage key within its parent

class pyomo.core.kernel.base.ICategorizedObjectContainer[source]

Bases: ICategorizedObject

Interface for categorized containers of categorized objects.


Activate this container.

child(*args, **kwds)[source]

Returns a child of this container given a storage key.

children(*args, **kwds)[source]

A generator over the children of this container.

components(*args, **kwds)[source]

A generator over the set of components stored under this container.


Deactivate this container.