Source code for pyomo.contrib.preprocessing.plugins.remove_zero_terms

# -*- coding: UTF-8 -*-
"""Transformation to remove zero terms from constraints."""
from __future__ import division

import textwrap

from pyomo.core import quicksum
from pyomo.core.base.constraint import Constraint
from pyomo.core.base.plugin import TransformationFactory
from pyomo.core.expr import current as EXPR
from pyomo.core.plugins.transform.hierarchy import IsomorphicTransformation
from pyomo.repn import generate_standard_repn
from pyutilib.math.util import isclose

[docs]@TransformationFactory.register( 'contrib.remove_zero_terms', doc="Remove terms 0 * var in constraints") class RemoveZeroTerms(IsomorphicTransformation): """Looks for :math:`0 v` in a constraint and removes it. Currently limited to processing linear constraints of the form :math:`x_1 = 0 x_3`, occurring as a result of fixing :math:`x_2 = 0`. .. note:: TODO: support nonlinear expressions """ def _apply_to(self, model): """Apply the transformation.""" m = model for constr in m.component_data_objects( ctype=Constraint, active=True, descend_into=True): if not constr.body.polynomial_degree() == 1: continue # we currently only process linear constraints repn = generate_standard_repn(constr.body) # get the index of all nonzero coefficient variables nonzero_vars_indx = [ i for i, _ in enumerate(repn.linear_vars) if not repn.linear_coefs[i] == 0 ] const = repn.constant # reconstitute the constraint, including only variable terms with # nonzero coefficients constr_body = quicksum(repn.linear_coefs[i] * repn.linear_vars[i] for i in nonzero_vars_indx) + const if constr.equality: constr.set_value(constr_body == constr.upper) elif constr.has_lb() and not constr.has_ub(): constr.set_value(constr_body >= constr.lower) elif constr.has_ub() and not constr.has_lb(): constr.set_value(constr_body <= constr.upper) else: # constraint is a bounded inequality of form a <= x <= b. constr.set_value(EXPR.inequality( constr.lower, constr_body, constr.upper))